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Services We Offer

Oil Change Service

Lance's Oil Change Services are performed using only the highest quality materials and include a complimentary 20 point vehicle condition & maintenance inspection. Our goal is to help you avoid potential problems while working to keep your vehicle in "like new condition".

Timing Belt Replacement

Many 4 cylinder & some 6 cylinder vehicles utilize a belt to time the movements of certain engine components. This belt will fail after a period of use & should be replaced.

Cooling System Service/Flush

Chemically flush cooling system & add conditioner to help keep this vital system protected against the deposits & corrosion that can develop over time.

Automatic Transmission Service

This service completely flushes and exchanges the transmission fluid providing fresh additives for tip-top transmission protection & operation.

Power Steering Flush

This service provides excellent protection of this vital control system by chemically flushing & exchanging the power steering fluid using cleaner & specialized fluid.

Fuel Injection/Induction Service

Utilizing a 3-part specialized cleaning system process; we will clean not only the injectors but the entire fuel intake system helping to provide better fuel economy & power.

Brake System Service/Flush

Moisture is the enemy of brake systems, especially since the introduction of today's advanced Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS). Regular brake fluid flushing can help prevent expensive brake system failures.