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Topic: Battery

Taking the Heat (Batteries in Hot Weather)

Quick question.  Which is tougher on a vehicle's battery, the heat or the cold? Believe it or not, it's the heat.  Think about it.  The battery often sits in the engine compartment next to that motor generating lots of heat.  That can accelerate corrosion…

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A Stitch in Time at Lance's Superior Auto

You probably have heard that expression, "A stitch in time saves nine." In other words, if you fix an issue at its early stages, it will prevent a much more difficult problem later. That's certainly the case with your vehicle, and here's a true story…

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Automotive Tips from Lance's Superior Auto: Making a Battery Last Longer

One thing all Wilsonville drivers can do to extend the life of their battery is to keep it clean. A greasy, dirty battery holds in damaging heat. Same goes for removing corrosion from the terminals. Lance's Superior Auto can help maintain your battery.Allowing…

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Need a New Battery? Call Lance's Superior Auto Today

    Hello Wilsonville drivers! Need a new battery? There is a good chance that you do – 70% of batteries need to be replaced within four years. As your battery discharges and then recharges as you drive around Wilsonville, bits of the surface of the…

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Lance's Superior Auto Alternator Replacement Service in Wilsonville

    Your vehicle alternator doesn't get enough credit. Though your battery gets your engine started, after that – it's all about the alternator.  Driving around Wilsonville is a lot of work for your alternator, and as upgrades such as heated steering…

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Battery Maintenance Tips From Lance's Superior Auto

When it comes to your vehicle, it all starts with the battery. Proper battery maintenance is important for two reasons:First, your vehicle won't start or run without it. Second, it is the key to the long life of your auto electrical system. If your battery…

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Automotive Tips from Lance's Superior Auto: Battery Testing

The simple fact is that 70% of car batteries fail within 4 years. They just need to be replaced at Lance's Superior Auto when they are no longer able to hold a full charge.Batteries are a big ticket item for most Wilsonville drivers and it’s tempting…

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A New Battery in Wilsonville

Hello Wilsonville drivers, let's talk about batteries. Car batteries are just like any rechargeable battery. They will eventually wear out and die. If you are shopping for a new battery in Wilsonville, here's some auto advice to help you.There are two…

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Battery Basics for Wilsonville

It's important for Wilsonville drivers to know battery basics. First, let's talk about which is harder on a battery – hot or cold Oregon weather. Most Wilsonville area drivers think it's cold weather because that's when we call on our batteries to have…

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Battery Replacement at Lance's Superior Auto in Wilsonville

Hello, welcome to Lance's Superior Auto. Today's focus is batteries. It seems like everything in Wilsonville runs on batteries. Of course, the batteries we're most concerned with here at Lance's Superior Auto are those in our customer's vehicles. Just…

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