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Topic: Maintenance

Maintenance on My Mind

Ask any Wilsonville man or woman if they've taken their vehicle in for preventive maintenance lately, and the answer may well be “no.” Surveys indicate that over 80% of vehicles on the road today are in need of some kind of repair or maintenance. Now,…

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Following Recommended Intervals for Your vehicle

If you're reading this article in Wilsonville, Oregon, then you probably care about your vehicle and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your professional service advisor at Lance's Superior Auto tells you the manufacturer…

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Your Vehicle Is NOT Maintenance Free, Wilsonville Car Owners

A generation ago, Wilsonville drivers seemed to be more inclined to keep their vehicle's preventive maintenance on schedule. One reason for this may be that vehicles back then were a lot less reliable than they are today. Taking your vehicle in to your…

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Budget for Maintenance in Wilsonville

Sometimes busy Wilsonville residents dream about going back to the “simpler” days of our grandparents. But if you could travel back in time and take a road trip around Oregon in a Model T, you might change your mind. The improved designs and quality of…

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Lance's Superior Auto Helps You Decipher the Menu Board: Part 2

Oregon service centers have a menu board that lists the services they provide. Some Wilsonville drivers may not be familiar with all of the items on the board so here is a quick description of some of the typical services that might be listed.Lance's…

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Lance's Superior Auto: Why Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

Just as our bodies need clean air to function properly, your vehicle engine needs clean air to operate efficiently. Let's go egghead for a minute. For every gallon of gas we burn driving on Wilsonville streets, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide comes out the…

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Does Your Car Have A Recall Item?

No matter how well they're made, vehicles are bound to have problems with their design or manufacturing. Think of all the moving parts. When the government thinks a problem is really serious, they require the vehicle manufacturer to issue recall notices…

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The Importance of Wilsonville Drivers Following Service Intervals

Today in our Lance's Superior Auto blog, we're going to talk about following recommended service intervals. Your vehicle isn't the only aspect of your life in Wilsonville with recommended intervals: Let's start with twice yearly dental check-ups and regular…

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Serpentine Belt Service at Lance's Superior Auto in Wilsonville

If you've ever heard a squealing sound under your vehicle hood, chances are it was your serpentine belt. More importantly, the belt powers the alternator. The alternator creates electricity that's used by your vehicle's electrical systems and also charges the battery.…

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Another Couple of Years: Making Your Vehicle Last With Help From Lance's Superior Auto

A while back, the Cash for Clunkers program was all over the Oregon news. Wilsonville people could trade in their old vehicle for a new one that got better gas mileage and receive a government rebate. A lot of Wilsonville motorists had so-called clunkers…

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