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Topic: Maintenance

Busted: The Maintenance-Free Myth in Wilsonville

There's a segment of the Wilsonville area population that's not committed to proper vehicle maintenance. Now, the ignition system in your vehicle is electronic and controlled by the engine management computer. Spark plugs rarely get fouled and will last…

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Lance's Superior Auto Maintenance Tips: The Belt Goes On

All Wilsonville service advisors know that without the alternator, the battery will go dead in a few miles. The serpentine belt may also run the pumps for both the power steering and power brakes. And on many vehicles, the serpentine belt powers the water…

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The Harm in Skipping an Oil Change for Wilsonville Drivers

    People in Wilsonville have been hearing a lot about higher oil change intervals these days. Maybe you're wondering: What are the key issues?Some new vehicle manufacturers are now recommending much higher oil change intervals than they have in the…

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Lance's Superior Auto and the Maintenance Mindset

When it comes to their vehicles, some Wilsonville residents don't have a maintenance mindset. They know they need to take care of their cars, but it just seems really hard to get them to remember to do it. Wilsonville drivers generally accept that many…

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Keeping Your Car Young in Wilsonville

As Wilsonville consumers, we live in a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away.New stuff comes out so fast in Oregon, and much of it is fairly cheap, so we just toss the old and move on. It seems like when we were kids our parents…

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Gas Savings in Wilsonville: Sharpen Your Pencil

High gas prices in Wilsonville increase the cost of living for Oregon drivers. You've probably budgeted a certain amount for vehicle related expenses. Increased fuel costs now consume a larger portion of our incomes, causing some Wilsonville vehicle owners…

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Synthetic Oil for Wilsonville Autos

If you are a driver in Wilsonville and you aren't currently using synthetic motor oil in your vehicle, maybe now's the time to consider it. Need more information? Well, synthetic motor oil is a substitute for petroleum based oil. Synthetic oil doesn't…

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Fall and Spring Checkup in Wilsonville

When I was a kid, my dad always made sure he took the cars in for Spring and Fall checkups. I was telling a friend that it's about time to get into Lance's Superior Auto for a checkup and he said that he read on the internet that modern cars don't need…

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Maintaining Your Older Car in Wilsonville, Oregon

The government mandates a lot of equipment on cars in Wilsonville, Oregon: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the Wilsonville motoring public, but it does add…

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Economics of Maintenance for Wilsonville Auto Owners

Buying a new car in Wilsonville is always a big financial decision. The allure of that new car smell is powerful, to be sure. But what if your current car is still in good shape? How do you decide?People in Wilsonville who've been used to driving a new…

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